Training & Support

You Can Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

Operating a franchise within a proven, customer-centric business model is advantageous. Ben’s Barketplace provides franchisees with the training and resources needed to operate a successful pet food supply franchise.

Ben’s Barketplace provides a one-week training program at our headquarters in Roseville, California, as well as an additional week of training in each new franchise store. To ensure each new franchise owner is an expert in the pet supply industry, Ben’s Barketplace also provides:

  • Ongoing training and support through the company intranet, webinars, and an annual conference

    The Founders: Sally and Brad Romero
  • Extensive pet nutrition training
  • Retail concept sales and marketing education
  • Retail customer service training
  • Ongoing pet care and pet health training modules and videos
  • Store intranet service for communications, operations manuals, training videos, and more

Ben’s Barketplace offers additional assistance and support for each new franchise store, including:

  • Top level real estate site selection and lease review assistance
  • Store financing resources and assistance, including tax-free, 401K Rollover Plans
  • Store design, build-out, and contractor guidance
  • Store merchandising and inventory insight
  • Support of inventory management, purchasing and store operations
  • Protected store territories
  • Point-of-Sale systems

The pet food supply industry is booming and healthy pets have never been so happy. Join Ben’s Barketplace and open the next neighborhood pet food supply franchise today!